Corporate Vacation

Is it possible to rest while working?

When your sailing the seas on one of our boats anything is possible.

Taking your meeting away from the classical, static and limiting holiday understanding will increase your motivation and productivity, while it will also enable you to set sail for a pleasant holiday in the time left after the meeting. Without the four walls of the meeting rooms, it is no longer a dream to have meetings in coves with clear and clean waters by changing places. We have thought of every detail you need to hold senior management meetings and motivation / award meetings on our boats in an efficient and creative environment away from chaos. The blue of the sea, the sound of the waves, the peace and smell of nature will accompany your meetings, while the rich snacks that will be served throughout the day will whet your appetite with their presentation and taste.

Enjoy the privilege and pleasure of resting while working!

Let's Plan Your Blue Voyage Together

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