Discover the Enchanting Beauty of İztuzu Beach: A Must-Visit Destination

İztuzu, known as Turkey’s most exclusive beach and one of Europe’s cleanest beaches, captivates with its beauty. Its significance is further enhanced by being the nesting area for caretta carettas. Especially during the summer months, this region is highly favored by both local and foreign tourists, leaving them in awe of its breathtaking scenery. Access to the beach can be made by road or by boat, making it one of the eagerly anticipated routes for those vacationing on a boat.

İztuzu is a beach with a long coastline located in the Dalyan district of Muğla. What sets this beach apart is its unique feature of having one side of the sea water being fresh and the other side being salty. The reason behind this phenomenon is the convergence of Köyceğiz Lake water towards the sea through Dalyan Channel, where İztuzu Beach is situated. As a result, a mixture of fresh and salty water is formed, creating a truly remarkable natural wonder.

If we delve into the history of İztuzu Beach, according to sources, in ancient times, the ancient city of Kaunos was located about 4 km inland from where İztuzu is now situated. However, due to the devastating Rhodes earthquake that occurred in subsequent years, the course of the Dalyan River changed, giving rise to the enchanting İztuzu Beach. This transformation, brought about by the forces of nature, has bestowed upon İztuzu Beach a unique and captivating allure that continues to captivate visitors to this day.

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In today’s world, the region that is extremely popular with its golden sandy beaches continues to mesmerize visitors who choose to spend their holidays on a luxurious yacht. By coming here, you will have the opportunity to explore the ancient city of Kaunos with River Boats. This river, surrounded by reeds, also offers the unique experience of mud baths. Thus, by indulging in a yacht vacation, you can discover different coves and beaches, and embark on adventurous days filled with excitement.

İztuzu is not only an important beach where caretta carettas lay their eggs, but it is also known as the “Turtle Beach”. In order to ensure the safety of these eggs, there are specially marked areas where they are protected. Furthermore, to prevent any harm to these eggs, regulations have been put in place for the sea entrance and exit times, which are set at 8:00 in the morning and 20:00 in the evening.

İztuzu, one of the cleanest 30 beaches in Europe, is also home to the caretta caretta treatment center where injured turtles are treated. You can visit these injured turtles up close by joining a boat tour to İztuzu or by enjoying a holiday on a boat. After approximately 60 days of laying their eggs on the pristine sandy beach, the baby turtles reach the sea. Considering that only turtles that lay their eggs on clean beaches are taken into account, we can understand how clean the beach really is.

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