Dive into History: Discover the Rich Heritage at Fethiye Archaeology Museum

Fethiye, with its captivating atmosphere and natural beauty, is not only a mesmerizing district but also an impressive one with its historical significance. In ancient times, it hosted people from different cultures and still carries the traces of those days. This town, where history and nature intertwine, is known as the “Land of Lights” in ancient times and it possesses a magnificent texture that is truly remarkable.

If you want to imagine yourself in ancient times and witness the many events that have taken place in Fethiye throughout its long history, we highly recommend adding the Fethiye Archaeology Museum to your travel itinerary. This museum will transport you back centuries and allow you to delve into the rich past of this fascinating destination.

The museum has been established upon the ancient city of Telmessos, located in the enchanting region of Ancient Lycia. Following the devastating earthquake that occurred in 1957, the city was rebuilt, and it is from this reconstructed city and its surroundings that the collection of artifacts began to take shape.

The artifacts in the archaeology department consist of sculptures, ceramics, glass, metal objects, and coins that date back to as early as the 3rd millennium BC and extend until the end of the Byzantine period. Additionally, prominent inscriptions that provide significant information about the culture and history of the region are also showcased. Among these inscriptions, the Trilingual Inscription, which played a crucial role in deciphering and reading the Lycian language, known as the vernacular language in the Classical era, can be found within the premises of the Fethiye Archaeology Museum.

In the ethnography salon, you will find unique weavings, garments, jewelry, embroideries, and decorative items specific to the Teke region. One of the remarkable pieces in this salon is the functioning loom used for turban weaving in the Üzümlü area.

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Fethiye Arkeoloji Müzesi

The museum, despite its small size, has made an effort to touch upon various subjects. Among the showcased mosaic works, the floor decoration of the Apollo temple in the ancient city of Letoon has been brought here. The sun motif in the mosaic artwork from the Hellenistic period represents the Land of Light, Lycia, the goddess Artemis with her bow and arrow, and the depiction of the god Apollo.

Moreover, the expansive garden of Fethiye Archaeology Museum boasts an impressive display of grand stone relics, burial sites, inscriptions, and the striking Izraza Monument.

You can visit this museum during the summer months between 08:00 and 19:00 to see a collection of archaeological artifacts from the Bronze, Archaic, Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine periods, as well as ethnographic works from the Ottoman and modern eras. Step into a world of history and culture as you explore the exhibits showcasing the rich heritage of these different time periods. Marvel at the ancient relics and gain a deeper understanding of the civilizations that once thrived in this region. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating stories and artifacts that this museum has to offer.

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