From Inspiration to Masterpiece: Exploring Bedri Rahmi Bay

Göcek, a modern village located in the district of Fethiye, has become a popular destination for tourists due to its increasing popularity. This holiday resort offers a flawless natural beauty and a serene atmosphere, allowing visitors to forget all the stress and fatigue of daily life. It serves as an attractive stopover point for those who prefer to travel by sea, as it provides a perfect transition between the Aegean coastline and the Mediterranean Sea.

Nestled between the ancient settlements of Fethiye and Kaunos, Göcek is a captivating destination that impresses with its natural beauty as well as its rich historical heritage. This enchanting town is adorned with rock tombs and monuments that bear witness to its storied past, offering a glimpse into the pages of history. As you explore the picturesque bays of Göcek, you will be transported back in time, tracing the footsteps of ancient civilizations and marveling at the remnants of a bygone era.

In the enchanting Fethiye Gulf, a secluded and serene holiday awaits you as you set sail to the bays of Göcek, away from the bustling crowds. Each of the bays in Göcek, which are highly favored by those who choose to spend their vacation on a yacht or a boat, boasts breathtaking views. One of these bays is the mesmerizing Taşyaka Bay, which is blessed with a magnificent natural beauty. Whether you choose to rent a daily boat or embark on a blue cruise, Taşyaka Bay is a must-visit destination that captivates with its intriguing story.

Renowned painter Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, visited the dark bay formerly known as Taşyaka in 1974. During his visit, he created a magnificent fish painting on a rock, depicting six animals. This artwork, which also served as a pioneer for the Blue Voyage, gradually became a symbol of the bay and was named after Bedri Rahmi. As it gained popularity among the most sought-after bays in Göcek, it has become a must-visit destination for tourists every year, seeking a luxurious vacation experience.

Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu is truly one of the most exceptional painters who beautifully blends the cultural and artistic remnants of civilizations that have passed through these lands, bringing them back to life for us once again. His numerous paintings, sculptures, and ceramics have garnered worldwide recognition, earning him prestigious awards. It is during his blue voyage, embarked upon with his friends, that a fish painting drawn by this esteemed artist on a rock truly comes to life.

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yat tatili göcek

Bedri Rahmi Bay, located on the hills that embrace the most beautiful colors of nature, is home to ancient rock tombs that date back 5000 years, which are truly captivating. Another remarkable feature is the presence of a freshwater spring on the bay. It can be said that the main reason why yachts on the Blue Cruise tour choose this place for accommodation is this. By connecting a hose to the freshwater spring, the boats’ water tanks are filled. Most yachts spend the night by docking at the small harbor here, offering their visitors the opportunity to wake up to the magnificent view of the bay.

Tabiatın en güzel renklerini barındıran Bedri Rahmi Koyu’nun tepelerinde yer alan, 5000 yıllık kaya mezarları da oldukça dikkat çekicidir. Bir diğer özelliği olan, koy üzerinde tatlı su kaynağının bulunmasıdır. Mavi yolculuk turu yapan yatların konaklamak için burayı seçmelerinin en büyük sebebi de bu diyebiliriz. Tatlı su kaynağına hortum bağlanarak teknelerin su tankları doldurulur. Çoğu yat, geceyi buradaki küçük limana yanaşarak geçirir ve ziyaretçilerinin güne, koyun muhteşem manzarasında uyanma imkânı sunar.

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One of the greatest advantages of vacationing on a yacht is precisely this. The feeling of being free in the endless blue and boundless seas. Swimming in cool waters in any bay you desire, progressing along the route you have created without being dependent on anyone. And anchoring in bays with their own unique stories that enchant with their history, and embarking on a journey of exploration.

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