Rejuvenation Vacation

Our massage therapist and yoga and meditation instructor will be with you boost your comfort.

It’s time to leave everything behind…

Enjoy hidden coves, deserted beaches, pristine places and ultimate freedom. On your boat trip, if you request, our therapist for massage applications and our instructor for yoga and meditation planning will give you or your group a unique experience on our boat. You can also change your route according to your demand and visit the regions where you will breathe the mystical air.

Enjoy a real experience, intertwined with nature, moving under a new and different sky each time.

Our routine life often does not allow us to have free time of our own and therefore holidays become right and meaningful moments that allow us, above all, to relax physically and mentally. Now, it’s time to leave everything behind… Lie down calmly, relax and surrender yourself to the healing hands of our massage therapist. As the day continues with all its splendor, all the good feelings will accompany you… Enjoy the ultimate freedom of hidden coves, deserted beaches and pristine places. Freedom. Life on private yacht charters is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Be free to see and do what you want: swimming at midnight or snorkeling at sunrise. “This is my day and I will do whatever I want with it!” It’s free to shout. It’s about feeling free, making new choices every day, and sharing extraordinary times with people you care about. There is no other style of vacation that can offer personal freedom. You have the freedom to dictate almost everything about your journey: when and where to start, where you want to go, and of course what to do when you get there. After all, it’s your vacation!

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