Holiday Concepts

With our boats, we offer our guests boutique holiday options according to their desires. We aim to design an unforgettable Blue Voyage Experience for families, couples and groups of friends.

Holiday with your family has never been so comfortable and free.

A holiday awaits you where you will spend all your time laughing, having fun, resting together and singing songs together in the evenings and watching movies under the stars.

If you wish not to be limited with the boat while visiting the surrounding bays, you can also organize tours to historical places with our guide.

You can have a romantic time under the stars

Just a few days… You can spend time under the stars, secluded in the comfortable privacy of the yacht, listening to music after a romantic dinner in the evening, or watching a movie in our open-air cinema.

The peace of blue and the warmth of the sun will accompany your romantic moments.

Embark on an opulent journey with our “A Romantic Getaway” yacht charter experience, designed to immerse you in luxury and natural beauty. Envision yourselves gliding through breathtaking landscapes aboard our specially crafted yacht, creating unforgettable memories and forging an enduring bond.

It's time to leave everything behind...

On your boat ride, our therapist for massage treatments will add comfort in case you request, and our instructor for your yoga and meditation will give you or your group a unique experience on our boat. You will have the flexibility to change your route and visit the regions where you will breathe the mystical air.

It is possible to rest while working

A unique venue for hosting senior management meetings and motivational retreats, providing a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of office life.

While you are resting on your holiday, how about visiting the historical heritages of Fethiye, which was called the “Land of Lights” in ancient times, and refresh your historical knowledge?