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A blue voyage that starts from the hidden coves of the Mediterranean and continues to freedom. Let’s design your dream blue voyage and boat vacation together.

The "Blue Voyage" You've Dreamed of

Fethiye / Gocek

Our cruise begins with Gocek, the attraction centre of sea tourism with its magnificent bays and marinas.

Traces of history,
in every shade of blue...


Like 6 different figures hidden in the depiction of a fish on a large stone that Poet & Painter Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu embarked on a blue voyage in the 70s, we begin to discover the traces of history hidden in Gocek bay and its islands, in every shade of blue and in the deepest green.

Cleopatra welcomes you at Hamam Bay, and we explore the ruins of the Byzantine Monastery, some of which are under water, with the privilege of seabob.

We reach the ancient city of Lydae with a half-hour walk from Yavansu, which is a must-see for history buffs.

Fethiye / Marmaris

The most popular route of the weekly blue voyage with its turquoise bays, clear sea and magnificent views.

blue voyage caretta caretta

Green and blue,
dancing here....

You can enjoy water sports in Gocek Bay, and swim in Iztuzu Beach, where caretta caretta turtles lay eggs in Dalyan. You can visit the ancient city of Kaunos by riverboats.

After spending fun moments in a mud bath in this river surrounded by reeds, you can relieve the tiredness of the adventurous day on your boat.

Marmaris, one of our important touristic centers, has a large marina. The old city center and its castle, bazaars and bars welcome you. We recommend you to take a walk on the coast of Marmaris.

Fethiye / Demre

You will experience the magic of the sea, sun, moon and stars with the rhythm of the Mediterranean winds along this calmer route.

Submerged ancient ruins,
crystal clear waters...

blue voyage charter kekova

While cruising the magnificent nature and the shores of Patara, you can experience the pleasure of the open sea, and in addition to swimming breaks in different small bays, you can visit Kalkan and a small port city Kas with its charming bohemian atmosphere.

Also, Ucagiz Village, known as Theimussa in Ancient Lycia, and Kalekoy, where ancient Simena ruins are located, are worth seeing.

The Korsan Bar and Korsan Cave at Gokkaya Harbor, where only boat passengers can go, as well as frequently stopped by Mediterranean seals, are the most enjoyable stops of this tour.

Fethiye / Greek Islands

Enjoy the beautiful beaches, the silence, the unique features of the island and ancient ruins.

blue voyage charter yunan adalari bg

Rhodes, a paradise for adventurers

The so-called “Dodecanese” 12 Islands is a group of island in the Aegean Sea consisting of 12 large and 150 small Greek islands. There are dozens of Byzantine churches and medieval castles, even in the smallest settlements with a rich history.

Rhodes is undoubtedly the most fascinating of the Greek Islands, which has survived as a center of science, art, culture, health and education in ancient times. It is famous for its mild climate, wonderful beach, ancient ruins and monuments of the Crusades era. Getting around Rhodes is quite easy.

Sombeki (Symi) is a beautiful island with a magnificent harbor and villages. The first feast for your eyes in Symi is Nos beach, which is a very peaceful with its sandy beach and clear turquoise waters, close to the port. You can adore Symi Island for its pine and oak forests and unique bays. In addition, the cute cafes and restaurants on the beach can fascinate you with their tastes.

Kos Island, known as the birthplace of Hippocrates, Asclepion, the second largest island of the 12 islands (Dodecanese islands), has a very moderate climate and fertile soils. The island is home to a 560 year old tree, a 211 year old fountain and a 290 km long beach. You can swim at Lambi Beach, which is very close to Kos Port, and get lost in the crowded, colorful night of Nafklirou streets full of bars.

Leros is a mountainous, green island with high cliffs. After a swimming break in Xerakampos with its many small coves and villages, we anchor at Lakki Port or Agia Marina Port to the east. You must visit the steep stairs, narrow streets and flower gardens of Platanos, the main city of Leros. From Platanos, you can climb the 300 steps to Leros Castle, or rent a bike and explore the island.

Although Patmos is not a large island, it is one of the best-known holy islands. It is believed to have received the revelation that the last chapters of the Gospel of St. John were written, and it is referred to as the “Jerusalem of the Aegean”.

You can take an evening walk in the narrow streets of Chora and watch the sun set from Castelli hill. You can spend the rest of your time in Skala by shopping and walking on the beach.

Lipsi Island has beautiful beaches like Platis Giolos with its crystal green waters. With its small natural harbor, countless taverns, cafes and restaurants and white houses, it is the most pristine, tranquil fishing island in the chain of islands.

We will take swimming breaks in the beautiful bays around Kalymnos Island. The island has been famous for sponge diving for hundreds of years. Exactly when the Kalymnos began sponge diving is a mystery in history. There are beautiful beaches around the island such as Massouri, Mirties and Vlyhadia. It is world famous for its rock climbing routes and wonderful climbing areas. We can say that it is a complete paradise for adventurers in the Mediterranean.

Hisaronu Gulf

Enjoy the beautiful beaches, the silence, the unique characteristics of the island and its people.

How can a view be this beautiful?
Like a painting…

blue voyage charter hisaronu korfezi dalis

In the ancient city of Bozukkale (Loryma), there is a castle extending in a rectangular shape to its walls and 9 temples. The name Bozukkale means “crooked castle” and may be related to the fact that one side of the castle is missing.

An incredible nature, a view that makes you say you are in heaven when you climb the hill, and a pleasant sea for snorkeling await you. There is no humidity on the Datca Peninsula, there is plenty of oxygen-rich clean air. Breathing this air and swimming in crystal waters will give you a different pleasure.

As the Greek historian, geographer and philosopher Strabo said, “If God wants his servant to be long-lived, he leaves it to the Datca Peninsula.”

Bencik Bay has a unique view with a very narrow entrance. Bencik, which is located in the narrowest part of the peninsula, is Hisarönü on one side and Gokova Bay on the other. With seabob, you can discover the uniqueness of this bay and experience different bays with your chef’s meals.

We cruise towards the heart of Hisarönü Bay. In Orhaniye Bay, a unique view of a natural tidal formation called Kizkumu welcomes us. A small island in the Gulf bears the sign of an ancient city, you can’t resist and enter the water and take a walk in the middle of the sea.

According to the legend, the beautiful Princess, the daughter of the King of Bybassos, goes to the sea to escape from the pirates. Since she does not know how to swim, she fills her skirts with sand and sprinkles the sea to reach the opposite shore. Based on this story, the region was named Kizkumu.

Can a landscape be this beautiful, it’s like a painting? We are in the bay named Dirsekbuku. You can put on snorkels and flippers and jump right into this cool, clear water, or watch the boats glide along with snacks and listen to the chirping of the birds.

Bozburun, as Bulent Ortacgil describes in his song ‘Bozburun’; “Even the smallest sound is like thunder, the sea is motionless in my heart. Quiet, naive and unspoiled nature, thyme and lemon scented blue Bozburun. You wake up to the sound of a fishing engine, like a calm lake, you watch, live and listen to it.”

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